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Questions; I shall answer the questions which should arise upon any audience of mine, which is that of who am I? What can you expect from my blog? Why ‘Sickheadsite’?

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Advice: “How have you been?”

Now, I’m not sure about the rest of you but often I get questions like “How have you been since I last saw you?” followed by “What have you been up to? How’s your studies and how about that job? Any lovers?” These sort of questions. Depending on who’s asking; it bugs me.

Why you ask? Well my curious kitten I’ll tell you why.

If it were a close friend, or family asking me, there would be no problem seeing as I would know that they were fully interested in how I’ve been. So with this I’d answer as one normally would.

“Oh yeah it’s been great! Got my grades up to a B, got promoted to manager, y’know that sort of thing, haven’t really had much time for a love life considering I got all this work I have to do.”

This of course is no problem, because the friend or family member asking you will respond with such.

“Really? That’s great to hear! You should really meet Tom he’s also been getting A’s the same subject as you so he could push you up to the same grade!”

This is also fine, because they’re telling you things about their life too, mentioning Tom who could be a new or potential lover and saying he could help in my grades (as an example) so this is that person inviting you to meet this new person in her life which opens a door.

Though the problem comes when people will try to one up you (I call these people posers. Of course I mean poser as in look at all this shit I have but I also mean the poser friends. You know the type.

Those people who keep friends just to show off how many friends they have and how popular and cool they are just cause they have a huge crew who probably aren’t true friends who would bail them out of jail.

I’m sure my social little kittens would know who I’m talking about, we all know that one cat who just won’t shut up even tough they asked how you were.

In this case it would be the same as the previous example given, they’ll ask you the question and I’ll respond as I did last time. But then the person who had asked you, will respond in such ways that it were as if they were trying to show off and rub it in your face, kind of like this weird vibe, an example is shown below.

“Ha ha you sat at home and studied? You’re the manager? Pft, that’s cute, I have a masters degree in engineering and physic! I’m a rocket researcher too did I mention? It pays me really well. My wife and are also trying for kids. We’re also moving into a house worth 1.5 million.”

Now this, is a god damn problem! But instead of being sour about it. You can give them what I believe is the best way to respond.

“You did?! That’s really cool! I haven’t achieved as much as you have but I can assure you I have achieved happiness in the small things in life.”

Just to give an explanation as to why this is may be the best answer to give is because the poser asking you and trying to look better or rather ‘superior’ to you, they will have obviously care about what others think other wise they won’t have tried to boast about themselves and their money. This means they have more insecurities than others because they seem to want to impress others.

Also consider this; A person who’s job may be (in this example) a rocket researcher, doctor and others such as (in the case of other examples) will probably live their life with stress because their jobs requires a lot of hard work and dedication; which by the way, good on them for being able to that. Plus the person’s marriage may not be as perfect as they make it out to be.

But here because we answered that we achieved happiness, I would say would be one big win in life because no matter what job you are doing, what house you have, big or small and because we mention that we have achieved or ‘found’ happiness in the little things, it just shows the other person that we are able to see love and happiness in the simplest things whilst the poser seeks happiness in their job and their income which show they are materialistic and that they seek happiness in temporary things.

So this to me is the best response.

“I achieved happiness in the smaller things.”